Modern Friendly Pet Furniture Pet Bed furniture Are You Shopping For These Brand Friendly Pet Furniture?

Are You Shopping For These Brand Friendly Pet Furniture?

People who have pets often worry about the decoration styles of the pet beds and tableware sold in the market. Nowadays, more and more shovel officers pay more attention to the quality of life of pets. In fact, pet home is now a project in home design. Some unique pet home products have also appeared in front of us.

Are You Shopping For These Brand Friendly Pet Furniture?

IKEA LURVIG series. This series is a friendly pet furniture series designed by IKEA for cats and dogs. It includes large furniture such as cat kennel and sofa, as well as small parts such as cat scratch pads and travel bags. In addition to the moderate price, the design is simple and generous, very consistent with the style of IKEA. Most of the products in this series are like plug-ins that can be combined with other IKEA furniture. For example, a cat scratch pad that can be attached to the legs of the table and chair, as well as a cat litter that can be placed in the cabinet. This saves space and does not require much investment in pet furniture.

The Ball. The Ball was designed by Meyou Paris, an independent brand from Paris, and Meyou Paris has been working to create friendly pet furniture for cats. The most famous of these is The Ball. These spherical cat litter are made of pure natural materials, and the comet people can sleep and grind their paws inside.

Doghouse sofa (DogHouseSofa). Mpup is a Korean pet home brand. One of the doghouse sofas combined with a kennel and sofa is very interesting. The base of this double sofa is made of white wax and has a thick fabric mat. There is a small space next to the sofa as a pet house. The design draws the distance between people and pets to create a harmonious and warm atmosphere.

KAMAKURA resembles a small barn, creating a comfortable and open space. HOKORA has only one small triangle as the entrance, and the whole nest is like a cave. It is suitable for cats, small animals that love to drill holes and gaps. NEGURA is a five-pointed star design, bright and easy to enter and exit, which is suitable for pets who like to sunbathe, and occasionally used as a small side table is also a good choice. It can be said that it is very friendly pet furniture!

Are You Shopping For These Brand Friendly Pet Furniture?

Although there are many pet-specific household items, many are flashy. We still have to choose according to the actual situation, in order to choose the friendly pet furniture that is really suitable for pets, and give the pet the best life!

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