Modern Friendly Pet Furniture Pet News Eight Major Pet Furniture Brand Products Recommended

Eight Major Pet Furniture Brand Products Recommended

Recommended for the world’s four major pet furniture brand products, creating a home for pets with love

Eight Major Pet Furniture Brand Products Recommended

With the continuous development of the pet market, pet home is an emerging industry that is currently receiving more attention. Pets have become a member of many families, and even have a special meaning in the minds of family members. Therefore, the pets are very concerned about the cost of eating and wearing, and the furniture for pets has also spent a lot of thought. Let’s take a look at the Leopards to see what interesting products are designed by the world’s eight major pet furniture brands.
Meyou Paris. A cat furniture brand from France dedicated to creating elegant cat furniture for “users who like design”. The most admired cat litter has two models: The Ball and The Cube. The Ball’s design philosophy is derived from balance, and The Cube wants to be perfect through a combination of square and round. They are all spherical cat litter supported by logs and metal, and are covered with a comfortable cat bed made of 100% wool. The cat can snoring or slacking. If you are lonely, you can use it to grind your claws.

M. Pup. The “Dog House Sofa” was designed by Korean designer seungji mun as the first pet furniture for m.pup. As the number of nuclear families continues to increase, pets live with people and become essential partners in everyday life. As living spaces have become more and more shared with family pets, this furniture has become a tool for connecting people and pets. Crafted from solid wood panels and fabrics, the designer blends the doghouse with the sofa and becomes a common space shared by all family members.

LYCS. LYCS Architecture is a base firm in Hangzhou and Hong Kong. It is probably because the cat group is too strong and decided to blend in with this matter. So I designed this cat table playground. Cat owners know that when you sit at the desk and work overtime, the cat owner also loves to follow you to the table. It is not a keyboard or a cup. This table is specially designed for the above scenarios. There are many tunnels and hole openings. When you work in the future, the cat owner can play freely on the side.

Nendo. As a representative of Japanese design, Nendo Studio instilled the concept of house design into pet products. The goal is to make pet products multi-functional and blend with indoor elements. The kennel has a minimalist square shape that can be arbitrarily converted between the nest and the bed according to specific needs.

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