Modern Friendly Pet Furniture Pet Bed furniture Good Looking And Practical Pet Furniture, Buy It For Your Pet!

Good Looking And Practical Pet Furniture, Buy It For Your Pet!

There are two big fat cats in the house, and the little hairy children are both cute and great. However, there is always a little friction in the family territory, and good home furnishings can reduce friction and increase intimacy. Today, pet furniture is simply divided into four categories: aesthetic, integrated, hidden, and economical. You can choose friendly pet furniture for your pet according to different situations! Introduce two of these types for you today.

Good Looking And Practical Pet Furniture, Buy It For Your Pet!

Integrated type. CATable, integrated and independent. Cats have had these two experiences: First, when sitting at a desk, the cat always likes to curl up in your legs. Although it doesn’t work, it still disturbs the shovel to earn money to buy cat food. Second, when the cat sees a hole similar to his own body, he always gets excited and plunges in.

The Catdesk, designed by the Chinese designer, combines these two experiences to create a perfect place for interaction between people and cats. It is both a practical table and a paradise for comets.
The “cave” and “channel” on the CATable allow the comet to accompany and play while the owner is working. It is not boring, you are not lonely.
CATable also produced “CATable2.0”, which changed from landscape to vertical. The stereoscopic effect is more like a cat stand, but it is not practical enough. Although the designer has designed different shapes and paths for the cat, the cat table can be divided into shorts and benches.
Only start with a Catable2.0, cats must not play enough, at most put some decorations on the surface, of course, if you have enough budget, you can buy several stacks together. But after all, the serious bookshelf is easily overturned by the master, so this kind of practical “Cat Table 2.0” is still too much for me.

The value of the model, Catissa Cat Tree. This icosahedral cat bed designed by Estonian designer IlshatGaripov looks very design. The comfort is also good. The wood is birch plywood. The material of birch is soft and delicate. It is very durable. It also has a soft sheepskin blanket, which is soft and warm. Because of its strong design, it is simply placed on the ground. It is also very beautiful. It can also be used for the comets to jump up and down, to display light work, and the small dogs that love to make fun at home can also use this.
In addition to the wild wood color, there are black and white colors to choose from, to meet different home decoration styles.

PIDAN snow house litter box. Most of the cat litter pots on the market are made of plastic. It is simply too unattractive for the cat-nosed cat slaves. PIDAN’s litter box won the red dot design award of the design “Oscar”, because it is also used by everyone, and it is recommended for everyone. In addition to the beautiful appearance of this igloo litter box, the simple color and design are very pleasing. The spiral sand leaking corridor inside also makes it difficult for cats to bring sand. More importantly, the taste will not float out. Very worry-free. However, it is a little trouble to move the entire roof when cleaning up, but for me this small defect is completely negligible. The interior of the litter box is also very spacious, and the large cat is also very convenient to turn around. This is really a great pet furniture.

Good Looking And Practical Pet Furniture, Buy It For Your Pet!

After reading the pet furniture shared above, do you think it is very niceļ¼Ÿ we will continue to share the other two pet furniture next time, so stay tuned!

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