Modern Friendly Pet Furniture Pet Furniture Design Modern Pet Furniture Design, You Also Can DIY !

Modern Pet Furniture Design, You Also Can DIY !

“Design concepts must meet the needs of human beings, respect the ecological environment, and make our daily life simple and happy.”

Modern Pet Furniture Design, You Also Can DIY !

In our lives, many pets have become another member of the family. More and more people are starting to raise pets, and the pet-related industry is forming a new market. As a member of the family pet baby, their nest is often a cage, or a paper box, some simple, or home is everywhere, on the sofa, on the bed, although relatives, but clean up is a big trouble. “Owners have furniture, pets also need furniture.” Today, some modern pet furniture has been collected, which further strengthens the sharing between pets and owners, sharing space and sharing the joy of life.

Korean designer SeungjiMun designed the sofa for the new pet furniture brand “m.pup”, which is the design director. dog house sofa, this double sofa base is made of white wax and has a thick fabric lining. There is an asymmetrical small space on the right side of the sofa as a modern pet furniture house. The design draws the distance between people and pets to create a harmonious and warm atmosphere.

The same is the work of Korean designer Seungji Mun _cat tunnel sofa, which pursues the biggest and most important balance between human activity space and pet activity space in modern furniture design, emphasizing the sharing and interaction between pets and owners. Cats and cats play hide and seek together.

Modern Pet Furniture Design, You Also Can DIY !

Have you get got the above work? If you have time, do a modern pet furniture for your pet! So maybe you will be more welcoming.

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