Modern Friendly Pet Furniture Pet Bed furniture The Four-piece Dog Pet Furniture Gives The Dog The Best Life.

The Four-piece Dog Pet Furniture Gives The Dog The Best Life.

The current pet market is full of all kinds of pet supplies, most of which are focused on bright colors and exaggerated designs. But who knows, with the increasing aesthetic level of the country, and the decoration style of most Chinese families advocating a simple modern sense, those fancy pet supplies have been difficult to match. To this end, the Japanese design studio Nendo has launched a four-piece set of simple pet furniture for dogs, which makes the pet products better integrated with other elements in the room.

The Four-piece Dog Pet Furniture Gives The Dog The Best Life.

The basic kennel is a simple square with the upper and lower zippers connected. If you try to flatten the upper half and the lower half, it will become a small bed. The color scheme is mainly plain, and the beige, brown, dark gray and berry red colors also enrich the customer’s choice. The upper and lower parts can also be matched with any color.

In addition to the kennel, the food bowl is also designed into a bowl shape with embossed stripes on the inner wall. On the one hand, it is convenient for the owner to dissolve the food or water in the bowl, on the other hand, it is more elegant and beautiful. It is more like a furniture accessory, it can be matched with the same color vase, as well as a variety of colors for the owner to choose.

The following two dog pet furniture are condensed with the designer’s good intentions. The first square plush toy can be turned into various irregular shapes after being disassembled. It is said that each piece has a bell inside when it is opened, and the dog will make a clanging sound when playing. When the dog is not playing, leave it in a corner of the house, which is like a simple and beautiful decoration.

The second dog pet toy also continues the above three square elements. Although it is a round ball, the holes on the surface of the sphere are square. Nendo wants you to expand your imagination and put the snacks in it. It adds a lot of fun to the dog’s play.

This four-piece set is practical and simple, suitable for those who like the elegant style, and also with the simple home decoration style. This is undoubtedly the friendly pet furniture!

The Four-piece Dog Pet Furniture Gives The Dog The Best Life.

You probably want to know how to buy it now. Unfortunately, this product has not yet opened an e-commerce channel. I really like it and I have to go to Japan to visit this designer’s shop or purchase!

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