Modern Friendly Pet Furniture Pet News You Have To Pay Attention To The Top 10 Traps Of Pet Furniture!

You Have To Pay Attention To The Top 10 Traps Of Pet Furniture!

If you have pets in your home, then this article must be seen, because it will be of great help to your pet, you can avoid many misunderstandings of Traps, so that you and pets get along better! Then let’s introduce 10 traps about pet furniture!

You Have To Pay Attention To The Top 10 Traps Of Pet Furniture!

First, plastic bags and plastic bags are also traps. This seems like a normal thing, and in a blink of an eye, it may take the life of a puppy and a kitten. Dogs and cats are lively and active, and the plastic bags are light in texture, and they will fly and dance under the play of dogs and cats, which will make them love the “claw”. Once covered by this seemingly gentle plastic bag, it is not a joke, although sharp claws can tear the bag, but if it is covered for a long time, it will eventually lead to suffocation.

Second, few people have not seen the warm water bottle explosion, hot water splash, it is a small bomb. Kittens like to jump up and down at home, especially when a few kittens chase and flee to fight, if there is a thermos bottle next to it, it is very dangerous. The kitten doesn’t know how strong the thermos bottle is. If you accidentally knock down the thermos bottle, even if it is not burnt by the splashing water, it will be injured by the broken bottle.

Third, the wiring board is one of the biggest pet home killers. When the cat and dog are playing near the wiring board, the long hair of the body will touch the jack, and a blue spark will be immediately emitted.

Fourth, the disposable coffee table in front of the sofa is often casually placed with some small items that we need to take at any time: mobile phones, keys, newspapers, ashtrays and disposable lighters, even small dogs, can be very good. It’s easy to drag one or two of the new gadgets of interest from the coffee table to the ground to play the teeth. If one day it happens to be interested in the colorful, light-weight, unique smell of the disposable lighter, it will explode when you take it.

Fifth, the mousse dressing table is a must-have for ladies’ bedrooms, and the various bottles and cans for makeup are often placed on the dressing table after being used up. When the owner was at home, the pets seemed to have little interest in the mysterious zone. However, when the owner is not at home, flashing between these high and low bottles and cans has become a new game for lovers of cats and dogs. The jars of mousse and hair gel in cosmetics are stressful, and there is a danger of explosion from falling from a height. Some dogs like to find a toy to practice their mouth. If you choose a mousse can, you can bite it and bite it. It is not a joke.

You Have To Pay Attention To The Top 10 Traps Of Pet Furniture!

These are the top 10 traps for pet furniture. I hope to help you. Don’t let your pet have access to them, otherwise it will be very dangerous. If you want to know more about modern pet furniture, keep an eye on us:

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